Come on Home with Christine Roth!

Christine Roth has deep roots in Appalachia, especially West Virginia.  Her family stepped off the boat in Pennsylvania and headed to the heart of the Appalachia region. She has lived in West Virginia most of her life. Even when she moves away, Christine always seems to find her way home. She currently lives in South Charleston with her husband, grandmother, and their three furbabies. An English Instructor at Kanawha Valley Community and Technical College, Christine is now putting together her first chapbook of poetry as well as working on family stories for publication.

What inspired you to write the poem for Fed from the Blade?

The poem I submitted to Fed from the Blade was actually written over two years ago. I was living in Minnesota at the time with my husband. It was during a fall night when the poem first came to me. I was homesick for mountains. The land there was so flat, and I found myself missing my mountains, missing the colors that we see here in the fall. I just felt this ache inside.  Eventually, that ache became the poem on paper. When I heard that Fed from the Blade was looking for submissions, I pulled that poem out and began fine tuning it. I just had a feeling it would be a fit for the anthology.

Do you write poems or prose most often?

I am about even when it comes to writing either poetry or prose. Lately, I have found myself leaning more towards prose.

How long have you been writing creatively?

I have been writing since I was around 9 years old. I love books and that love was developed at a young age. My stepmother heard the stories I would make up or the playacting I did with my stepsister.  One day I would be a model but then an hour later I was a fashion model who turned mad scientist. She eventually put a pencil in my hand and a notebook in front of me. I started writing and haven’t stopped.

Does where you come from inspire you in any way in your writing?

Where I come from does inspire me. I learned recently how to tell a story from pictures, and I began to see my family in another light. I believe my heritage is an inspiration for me.

Who is your favorite writer? Why?

I can’t even begin to pick a favorite writer. It is like picking a favorite writing journal for me to start writing in. I really love West Virginia authors. I find their writing refreshing. As for graphic novels and horror, Tim Waggoner and Robert Kirkman are my current favorites.

What are your long-range plans for writing?

I would love to be published eventually. I am working on publishing independently through ebooks.  Right now, I am looking at more workshops so I can fine tune my craft.

Describe your writing “place” and then describe your “dream” writing place.

My writing place is everywhere. I have found myself composing while in the shower, in class, and when driving. My ideal writing place would be a room with lots of windows for light. I want this place where I can see mountains from my windows. Plants, a comfortable but sturdy chair, and a selection of writing journals never seen before. An old-fashioned desk, almost like a library table, and a several fountain pens. I lean towards the old-fashioned more than the newer.  I still write everything out by hand before I even think of using a computer.

Write to this prompt: Write a poem describing your future self as a writer.

The Future, a Legacy Left


The two children grow, not knowing much of their past

Of their aunt, the writer, the teacher.

On her death bed, she does leave them something

and it is not just creativity.

She leaves books.

Books filled with stories, pictures,

a record of who she was, who their family was

Who they are and who they might be.

Taking those long, heavy lessons in their arms,

the adults leave, carrying their aunt’s legacy.


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